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Thread: Ubuntu Vs. XP...

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    Um... I have 2 of the 3 above, and yes, they do.
    My point was, are they any harder to use than a Linux based one?

    oh, mono is going to support .NET better than wine will. If a .NET app is coded properly, it should work flawlessly on all platforms (the exception being that not all .net 3.5 features are supported by mono yet).
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    My point was mainly focused towards the "those don't run Windows" statement

    My point was, are they any harder to use than a Linux based one?
    It depends and is not really a fair comparison to the question at hand... A handheld GPS and cell are already preconfigured to work out of the box regardless what OS is on them and that configuration is there for a specialized task only.... The R&D is already done to make the underlying OS basically transparent to the end user. You could hand either of those to the average Joe and they would be none the wiser.

    A desktop/carputer running Linux however, is not (for the most part). Unless there is the same transparency (one click install for any program, cross-OS, for example), the underlying OS will make itself known.

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    I like ubuntu.

    I think one of the main reasons for my getting ready to switch from windows, is ease of read-only setups. Ubuntu will be loaded up on a 4gb CF card, along with my GPS soft. I've had XP setup the same way for a while now, on a 2gb CF card, but the setup was just waaaay to much of a pain. Getting files from XPe, registry hacks, kernel replacement, etc. EWF was a hard beast to setup. Read only and a ram disk for linux? Easy easy...

    EDIT: Plus, iGuidance under wine is easy to get going as well, until Navit matures a bit.

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