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Thread: Best Linux OS

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    Linux the Best !!!!!!!

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    Slackware gets my vote.
    Maybe in a few years i'll get the motivation to put it in my car

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    as it's been said in almost every post in this thread and i'll say it again, its all about personal preference.

    so there for i will start the rest of my post with PERSONALLY, i believe gentoo to be the best linux flavor. I like it for its simplicity, and its LACK of software [yes i said lack] you do the base install and it pretty much does nothing else for you, you have to tell it to do everything! which is exactly what i like, and exactly why i do not like ubuntu, ubuntu gives you everything [or at least LOTS of stuff] you dont necessarily need, because of this i get to run gentoo on older hardware that other OS's dont run so well on. so using my resources wisely is the name of the game.

    again ill say its personal preference, so as many of us did and still do try new flavors. if you want something simple to use designed for the everyday joe switching from windows [congratulations!] give ubuntu a shot, but dont please dont settle w/ it there may be something most suited to your needs.

    lastly the possibilities are endless in linux, most any problem can be resolved, and any idea you have possible!
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    I've found a frontend programme called Elisa, has anyone tried it yet? If so which linux platform do you use? It supports gentoo,suse,fedora core,mandriva,debian and ubuntu. I'd like to know which is the quickest for boot times

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    If you are going to run it on a lowspec PC i would go for archlinux, slackware or gentoo. IF you have bundles of time to wait while setting it up, imo gentoo would be the best option as you can tailor it perfectly to match ur carputer and it would be much much leaner.

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    If you are not used to GNU/Linux, I'd personally recommend staying AWAY from Gentoo (and as Grueliustux said, you'll need a TON of time to get it going. I'd recommend having DSL connectivity to the box that you are setting up if you decide to check it out). Other than that, look around and play with the different flavours until you find one that suits you the best. Distrowatch is a good place to look. Just remember this: Gnome, KDE, Fluxbox, Blackbox, Enlightenment, etc are just the environment (DE); 'tis how each distro "acts" underneath the hood that makes the cake. ALSO, when you are playing around with the flavours, I'd recommend having /home/ in its own partition or HDD. It saves having to back up your data (still recommended, but not enforced) each time you switch to a different flavour or doing a clean version upgrade (that is, not letting the previous version update itself to the current, as when one wants to upgrade Windows).

    Personally, I've been using Ubuntu, as I'm most familiar with it (as a heads up: many distro's out there right now are basically just sub-flavours of Ubuntu, which in turn is a "child" of Debian). Freespire felt wrong to me with all of the non-FOSS software. I've had little experience with Fedora (Redhat's replacement/flag-bearer for the home I believe). The same for OpenSUSE 10.x, only this time because of the lack of DSL, as I felt a need for connectivity for this distro to operate at its best. Finally, I've been looking in my free time (sorta... <.<;; ) into getting Linux From Scratch working, as I wish to know how my box is operating, and get a thorough generic rundown of the whole GNU/Linux system style in the process.

    Tripleboots are easily attained (have heard of accounts of there being upwards of 13+ boot options working). I'm presuming that you are running Windows, so if possible for right now, use a different HDD and/or back up your data while playing around. If you wish to run Windows or GNU/Linux side-by-side, it is possible with either GRUB, MS' MBR (can't remember the name right now), or possibly Lilo in the MBR. Google is your friend in this area, as there are many, many tutorials out there on this (and other) subject(s).

    Quote Originally Posted by reece146 View Post
    I hear that blue databases are fastest.
    Good point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by christie View Post
    I've found a frontend programme called Elisa, has anyone tried it yet? If so which linux platform do you use? It supports gentoo,suse,fedora core,mandriva,debian and ubuntu. I'd like to know which is the quickest for boot times
    Thanks for pointing out this front end. I've been messing with it for the last few days. It is pretty decent for what it is and has sufficient "eye-candy" for my purposes. I'll probably use it on the rear passenger displays as it has enough functionality.

    As for quickest boot time, all can be heavily tuned. Of the lot Gentoo could potentially have the edge because you can tune everything. Unless your inner anorak wants to spend time playing with this the other options can get you close enough to be barely perceptibly slower. Get your system running first on whatever flavour of Linux you are familiar with then start looking at optimizing the boot cycle.


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    At home i use slackware but i have try other distro like mandrake, red hat, suse and always have return to slackware.never crash but never! and windows always and i have test a few firewals and antivirus(whit all this the pc is slow).
    now i test ubuntu and linux ice, have some problem installing(pc memory and video card).the next distro what i want to test is debian.

    I like to put Linux sistem(linuxICE) in my car for many reason. ex. the stability, speed..window is not for car, it need powerful pc to fast boot. on car you will start/stop the pc and whit all start of pc the windows will be slower and slower.Always LINUX
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