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Thread: PS3 CarPC running linux

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    Lightbulb PS3 CarPC running linux

    has anyone used a ps3 to run Linux in their car? I Believe it would actually be a cheap alternative to building a carpc. Any pictures or anything would be appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelio View Post
    Any pictures or anything would be appreciated.
    Here's a picture :

    12V 32A. Good luck. Nuff said.
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    Theres no way that a PS3 uses 384 watts (32A @ 12V) of power by itself even under heavy load hahaha your reading the info incorrectly the PSU is able to output a MAX of 32A @ 12V but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will use all of it. It would be like comparing RMS and MAX wattage outputs on amplifiers. The amp CAN supply 1000W but it'll usually supply somewhere around 30-70 percent of that based on the efficiency rating. so your really looking at something like 215 watts under heavy gaming load which is generally what a MOBO would use with all the normal goodies not too hard to handle with a standard inverter. source:

    owning a ps3 myself i would highly recommend it over the xbox and wii, not only cause you can install linux on it (which i find useful for parties) but also because you can upgrade the HD with any standard SATA drive, unlike the xbox requiring M$OFT hard drives that are over priced and require alot of work to replace with a drive of your choosing. but in the case of using it in the car i dunno cause the PS3 only has 2 USB slots, and you could get a powered usb hub but it's alot of cable clutter. I just don't think it would be a good idea. you would have to use an inverter and also when would you enjoy you ps3 for games? you would have to chill in your car unless you take it out every time your going to use it... PITA

    for the price tag of the ps3 i would simply recommend getting a small MOBO and some more goodies and installing it permanently then run linux. don't get me wrong the ps3 is a monster but in this application it doesn't really fit the part.
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