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Thread: Linux Development

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    Quote Originally Posted by strandtc View Post

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    bahaha.... wtf, he made no sense.

    anywho, smp4488 did you get the touchscreen to work properly when u installed ubuntu mobile?

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    LOL... wow@tolender

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    Crack headz... they're everywhere.

    where's the spam link?

    Quote Originally Posted by tolender View Post
    The hardest thing with the newer linux/unix fad is the actual owner of the kernel code and development software . Correl linux is Government of canada operating system and it was for sale as Canadian linux 7.0 . People wanted packages ported over to the newer operating system and deskptop but due to legalities there was only what was registered as canadian software owned entirely by the federal Government of Canada . There is a like Yast setup tool on correl but that was cleared legally because the tool was originally bought out from canadian test for the Correl desktop but the old free type code was developed into Suse's yast which is legal in court in Canada . Canadian should only use the canadian Linux and unfortunately there is no support to all this Euro human computing gear and never will be because there is NO TRADE or actual link in existance with Euro thru the Government of Canada .

    Good luck for anyone trying to linux or put any operating system with developer tools onto the dual 16 bit euro CPU systems that will work . Nothing of the Euro design will ever be for sale built canadian style because Nortel only builds analog and the military , the Canadian Forces native runs Canada's digital test and our gear is not the same quality as the northern Euro gear .

    I was lucky to try out an old pair of eastern european binoculars and they were x50 in magnification they were used in a war in the 1930's in eastern Euro I was told . Those were the best binoculars I have ever seen for thier size just basic zoom in and they were about 1 foot long and a few inches thick , Canada has nothing like this today . This gear from eastern and weatern northern Euro was put together , the best of the best , the CREAM as Eric Clapton called his guitar gear he tested in the 1960's and now you have the new small computers built in Euro you enjoy in your cars .

    Nothing like easy analog systems , the digital is hard to follow some days I studied linux for a few years just to grasp the operating system concepts but enjoy driving and be safe .

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    dude seriously, wtf. go talk your nonsense somewhere else, and stop wasting our space here.
    Check out the new version of NAS, a cross platform music frontend here

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