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Thread: Ubuntu as a car PC

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    Oops, Sorry, You did mention to check for the doc, I simply forg to check for the TuneLibraryXML file. I'll have to do that when I get home tonight. (I have a long day today... Sorry bout that.)

    I do order my music the same way you do although if it's only one album, then I don't bother with a subdirectory for the album and just dump it under the artist name. I'll recheck the directory I had everything in. Maybe there was a permission problem or something little like that I might have forgotten to change. (I sometimes limit access to sensitive things and occasionally lock down folders. That could have been the problem all along, but Like I said, I'll have to check when I get home.)

    Have a great day!!!!

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    cool well let me what you see. i am currently in the process of revamping NASair to be more linux friendly. the current version is more of a quick port that i was trying just to see if it will work. The funny thing is i wrote this app almost 1 year ago and have yet to actually use it in my car. this is because my carputer has been busted for over a year thankfully through the magic of Christmas i have got it all fixed and am in the process of reinstalling it all in my car. that being said, i witnessed my app for the first time on a 7" monitor the other day! it was very cool, but i realized i need to rework the GUI to make it all fit a little better and be even more user/driver friendly. so i said all of that to tell you that if you cannot get the app do not worry, i am going to be hard at work releasing a better/easier version that should work much better for you. in the mean time thank you for your patience
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    Quote Originally Posted by natedawgg View Post
    ok so i asked this awhile back and got no response. i have looked just about everywhere for the answer to no avail. i have the ubuntu-mobile/ hildon desktop installed running the default skin. i downloaded the clutter desktop, and can launch it from the command-line, but my question is how to default to this skin within the hildon desktop? anybody out there have any ideas?
    Hi there,

    I see from your other post you've figured this out now. Sorry for not getting back to you... I have this thread set to instant mail notification and for some reason it didn't bother to mail me. I seldom check in here, but feel free to PM me if you need anything else.

    Sorry again.


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