I received the parts for the pc last night and put it together. I'm still waiting on the PSU and still haven't picked a screen yet although Im leaning towards the eby701 to start with.
Installed xubuntu and added the nghost repos and key but when I try to install nghost I get an error saying that the package is broken.
Well - I'll try the LinuxICE 3.4 iso and see how that works.

Installed beta 3-4 and I cannot figure out how to upgrade to 7.10 --> 8.04 --> 8.10
The text under the icons is cutoff so I have to guess what the icons actually do. Any thoughts on adding mouseover text or giving them more room or 2 lines of text?
I did the ice configure (ICE C...) and it still boots to the terminal.
forget it - I'll just install something else and add nghost