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Thread: Who uses Linux ice?

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    Who uses Linux ice?

    I'm new to carputers and especially new to linux. I have the OS loaded and installed on my HD but when I'm adding music to the music folder it isn't all coming up in Nghost. Could anybody give me some insight into why this may be? All of the files are mp3 format and something isn't adding up for me. Also it doesn't seem like everything is coming up on each boot. Should I maybe just reinstall Linux ice and start over or can this problem be solved? Thanks for the help

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    nscan takes care of scanning your drive and updates nghost database with music found. you need to start nscan first.

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    oh alright thank you... I'm sorry if it seemed like a stupid question but I am new to linux and all of its little tricks. I'll get nscan going and hopefully that'll solve my problems

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    Yes, that should do the trick. You can have nscan run at startup a few different ways, probably the easiest would be to put it in an init script... I'm not in front of it right now, so I don't remember exactly which one. Let us know if we can help you out!

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    nscan should be running by default in the latest (outdated) build 3-4. You will have to restart if you've just added music. That version doesn't watch for filesystem changes like the newest one does/should.

    in a terminal type:

    ps -A | grep nscan
    if you get a result, that means it's already running.
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