1. wen i open the navit gui and set a destination, i want the position to be set according to the latitude and longitude that i have given in the xml file.

i want a default position from wher thevehicle should move in the ruote to the destination that i have set dynamically.

i want to set the position of the vehicle in navit.xml file under vehicle tag.
but i dont kno the attribute and the format of the values that i have to give.

for example,in case of setting the center of the map in under navit tag,we make modifications in xml, here

<navit gui="..." graphics="..." center="5031.51 N 735.83 E" zoom="128" >

in a similar way,how do i set the position of the vehicle from wher it has to move toeards destination?????

2. how do i set the speed of the vehicle(cursor) in the xml file?

plz help me in doing thes tasks...