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Thread: List of OBD2/OBDII software that works on Linux, native or with Wine

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    Quote Originally Posted by boltun View Post
    There is nice open source python based application that could be easily used in linux.
    I think it was originally written for Mac, so I had to change it to make it work on my Ubuntu laptop. I also changed the port to /dev/ttyUSB0 since I am using a USB device for communication ( The archive contains the script with my changes. I was able to read the DTC and display some sensor data for my Tercel.
    hi everybody
    I'm trying to make working pyobd on Ubuntu.
    When I launch pyobd I get :

    COM port /dev/ttyACM0

    but my ELM is on /dev/ttyUSB0

    I think that I have to change ttyACM0 by ttyUSB0 in a config file, but I don't know where is this file.

    If somebody can help me it would be very nice !

    I'm newbie on Ubuntu and I have poor english.

    Thank in advance for all kind of help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chunkyks View Post
    Hahahah "claims". I've probably done 75% of its development under Linux :-)

    Gary (-;
    I'm running this under Gentoo 64bit, works great

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    Yay! Post google earth pictures!

    Gary (-;
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    I just bought an OBD scanner and have a few programs working in Wine, I'm using Ubuntu 9.10. for Windows v1.13 (I had the best luck with this, detected and reset a Check Engine light)

    Easy OBDII (works well in wine but didn't detect the Check Engine light)

    wOBD v1.4.0 (looks like its going to work but I haven't plugged it into the car yet)

    Here's a link to a lifesaver post if you're trying to get a USB scanner to work in Ubuntu

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