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Thread: How can i connect to internet through linux machine from windows?

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    How can i connect to internet through linux machine from windows?

    I have 2 Nic cards in linux and one in windows.From one nic card of linux machine its is connected to internet .And i connected other nic card of linux with the nic card of windows machine.How can i access internet from windows through the linux machine.Linux machine is acting like a proxy srever.Linux version is slackware. And windows is Windows XP.Thanks in advance

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    you may want to ask this in a much bigger forum like or a forum specific to your distro. This forum is for using linux in the car.
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    I assume the linux box is doing firewalling etc (it should be - it's a great line of defence until holes are plugged).

    Depending on where your problem lies, you should be able to "man ipforward" or "man ifconfig" in linux (if I remember my commands correctly).
    And I think even the windoze helps on networking are pretty good these days.

    Also try a google search. I was once regarded as a UNIX SysAdmin - I regarded it as a user of Google (honestly, between man & google, most was solvable!).
    I suspect windoze help only come via church on weekends.

    Not much help I know (tripzero's reply is right); but in case it leads to a faster solution.
    (Put it this way - you should not have to ask - that situation has arisen and been answered before. At least once.)

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