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Thread: Simultaneous Windows and Linux with VMware

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    It seems like to me that people are transitioning to the SSDs (at what rate I don't know). I won't have a SSD for a little while though because of the cost, but the motherboard I ordered has the sata 6gb/s for a reason .

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    Quote Originally Posted by timbo66 View Post
    All good points. Agreed, right now VMware has no place in the "final deployment" in a car. But it might be helpful during tweaking & app eval. Of course, I suspect that I may *always* be in a tweaking/eval mode....

    On another note, does anyone use a small, cheap SSD (like 20-30Gb) for the O/S to attain fast startup, and put media on any old traditional drive?
    OCZ agility series SSDs are fast and not too expensive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tripzero View Post
    OCZ agility series SSDs are fast and not too expensive.
    Looking around on eBay I see you can get an Intel X25-M for around $100-150 or so. You want to avoid the early models with the JMicron controllers cause they freeze up now and then and cause "stuttering" performance problems. Not nice when you're listening to music!

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