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Thread: RevLin OS

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    RevLin OS

    Not sure how relevant this anymore now that meego is sort of "going" but I thought I still drop this on the community.

    It's built on Haiku (BeOS derivative) and BSD components. Interesting thing is that the dev is talking about how the main UI is based on extJs. This is interesting since it opens up the doors to to html and CSS meaning extreme FE interface development This also opens up the app world to heap loads of programmers

    And I was thinking that node.js would probably just drop right in providing for what Bug was trying to do with an internet based system. For those who have never heard of node.js it's javasccript that runs 24/7 365 meaning while you're tapping on your keyboard I could see each word being typed if this were a "live" forum. Which for us here that means you could literally have thousands of cars on the road and a map showing where each one is at the very moment (please count in a lag for net data transfer). This also removes the pseudo "Live" ability of flash out of the picture.

    Only problem at the moment is that the dev is on his own and progress has slowed.

    I also did hear that the current startup is at 8 seconds on a crappy solo atom board with zero optimization. hmmmmm ...

    Anyway cheers!

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    html and css aren't all they are marketed up to be. It's a paradigm centered around an environment that has such ridged constraints that it's almost impossible to make a real app framework from it without a lot of difficulty.

    If you know javascript and css, you'd be much better off writing in QML which is an app framework and much less frustrating and restricted than html/css.
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