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Does anyone use SLAX as an OS ??

I have been trying to get it to boot with the USB DVD, but can't get it to work.
It looks like a good OS thats small and will run windows apps. Looks like the whole thing fits on half of a CD, which leaves the other half for applications.
Would be great on a CF card too.
Seems like a good alternative to the XP Embedded cost since this is FREE.

Anyway, looking for others that use this

Here's the url : http://slax.linux-live.org/
i'm currently using XP for testing, but plan on using linux/ramdisk. the easiest linux i've seen for this is dsl (http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/) but would obviously require re-rolling your app set unless you want desktop stuff in your car.

so far my testing tells me that inverters suck for powering carputers and my motherboard is a total pain. before i screw with the linux part, i need to get my damned hardware solid.