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Thread: Infomap Navigator

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    Ugggg where are the US maps though!! :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by omehegan
    Ugggg where are the US maps though!! :-)
    Ask them?!!!
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    Mone Info

    Guys, I dropped Infomap an email about a couple of things and here's what I got back: -

    The CarPC inteface does work in both the Linux and the Windows version.

    The professional version does not yet provide an API for embedding in Linux applications in a similar way to the ActiveX component on Windows. So if you're using Linux there's no point stumping the extra for Professional.

    And a few more screenshots: -

    Pity no screenshot of the actual navigation in action, I can only assume that this will be the same as in 4.0. At least it looks like choosing destinations etc is much easier.




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    I emailed them yesterday to get an update on US maps, and they replied by saying "late summer".


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