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Thread: Anyone using Jack + LADSPA for audio processing?

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    Anyone using Jack + LADSPA for audio processing?

    The primary reasoning behind me putting a carputer in is not just to play MP3s or watch videos or whatever, but to have a very high level of control over the audio output...

    I really like the functionality of my alpine head unit in doing some advanced signal processing, but would really like more... and it looks like ALSA + jack + LADSPA would probably be the best solution under linux (or any platform for that matter)

    Being able to tweak each of the outputs (Front, Rear, Sub) seperately would be great in terms of tweaking output signals without having to mess with amp settings:

    - HP, LP, or Bandpass filters (selectable 6db,12db,18db,24db, frequency points,etc)
    - Detecting peak / clipping with possiblility of autonormalization of amplitude
    - Monitering output RMS/Peak values for singal quality analysis (possiblity of using feedback loop for moniter)
    - Advanced audio processing/EQ presets (Like MX mode on alpine HU)
    - Advanced bass shaping EQ - (width, boost, center frequency, phase)
    - Time Correction
    - Per channel / global EQ Mixer
    - Any other useful stuff

    There is a GUI already for "plugging" LADSPA filters into JACK:

    Here are some of the plugins:

    Anyone using this already with any tips/tricks to share or are using any other solutions to accomplish similar functionality?

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    I would love to know if you manage to do it, I havn't started my carpc yet, I am still looking for the right soundcard to do the job (and for the monitor, and for the 80g drive for the laptop...).

    I assume that other than having jack + LADSPA you need a soundcard supporting this 4.1 output. Do you have one?

    All I want is Left-right-front-rear balance + SW level and maybe SW cross control. just the same way I control it now on my pioneer HU...

    Thanks and good luck.

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