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Thread: Xbox Carpc

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    Quote Originally Posted by EsKALad
    i dont mean to sound stupid. but spending all the money to mod the xbox would be the same as buying components for a carpc..and you wouldnt have to worry about Operating systems or drivers not working. its just a thought. i might do a modded xbox to store my games. throw it in the ride and hook it up to the computer via tv tuner capture box. wouldnt that just be easier?
    I modded my xbox for free, only thing was the 200gig hard drive cost me 150 bucks... softmod with hdd upgrade... I dont use it in my car though
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    sold it all... :-(

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    you can softmod an xbox for free. you can buy the xbox for $110-150 your choice. operating system (evolution x for example) is more stable than any windows setup i've ever used. keep it simple.

    touchscreen drivers is literally the only thing stopping the xbox from being the BEST choice as far as media center apps, movies, music and games.
    Today 11:17 AM
    Except its only got 64mb mem - and cant be upgraded buy the end user,
    the extra memory has to be soldered on to the motherboard

    and you could get a 700mhz computer for less than $50

    xbox ----------------$149
    memory upgrade ---- $59 - has to be sent to someone
    VGA adapter---------$30-50

    thats about $200 for a computer not worth $50

    and you still need to get a DC to DC converter - unless you want to
    use a inverter - not that I dont want a XBOX - but cost wise its not a
    good idea - and as far a stable goes - done right, XP is stable and will
    stay running for weeks of use -

    (1) ditch internet exploder, and use firefox,
    (2) use good antivirus
    (3) use some thing like spybot sd to remove spyware,
    (4) run windows update
    (5) Use real a firewall - not the windows firewall

    and it works without problems or crashes

    And if you dont like windows, use Linux

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    I know that a v1-v1.1 (not sure about later) can be upgraded to 128MB of Ram. If you look at the mem chips soldered on the m/b you will see blanks. These blanks can house addtional memory, up to 128MB. The only problem I see is getting the mem chips on the m/b. It's a project & I haven't done it, but it can be done. Just check

    EDIT: Wow, I need to read more closely, b/c Will already beat me to it
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