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Thread: What wireless network adapter are you using in Linux?

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    D-link g510 rev b3 with madwifi-cvs in gentoo
    Still not 100% reliable. It seems to turn itself off at random intervals, but I can't find the problem. A /etc/init.d/net.ath0 restart solves all problems

    Just something to keep in mind if you get this card

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    D-Link DWL-122 is a good adapter, it is done with Prism2 chip, that is supported by linux-wlan-ng. you can hack the stick and solder a connector (or direct) for bigger antenna, instead of a tiny antenna, that it have
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    Get one with an Orinoco or Prism chipset

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    We use the SMC2532W-B card(200mW) or the senao(+ext version).... Both are supposedly 200mW and both do have external antenna connections for dual antenna (diversity, 1 conection is TX+RX, the other is RX only.)

    These work on the 2.4 kernel, but I have yet to test them on the 2.6 kernel...
    We use slackware, but I am trying gentoo and knoppix just to see how well it doesn't so far... but, I'm still trying to figure this whole linux "fad" out

    I know these work, and they are high-power......

    One thing to note:
    The SMC cards have changed revision over the last few months.... There isn't any change in model number, but the serial number will have the form of:
    S33HP55NUXXXXX or some variation where the 6th and 7th digit seem to denote the Firmware or hardware revision.....

    The 55 is good, the 56 is not, the 58 is the next one(as far as I can tell). The 56 doesn;t like "auto" power... it will drop the signal to -43db and won't self adjust to seek a signal..... So avoid the 56 series

    Good Luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by pkg
    The Orinoco cards seem to be the best IMHO. From what I have seen the wavelan driver is rock stable and likes to play nice with apps like airsnort. Now only if my EPIA board had a PCMCIA slot :\.
    A PCI to PCMCIA converter would work. The PCI wireless cards are exaclty this. A cheap linksys 802.11b PCI card runs a PCMCIA card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLlama
    Get one with an Orinoco or Prism chipset

    I have an Orinoco gold pcmcia for the laptop and a Netgate 2511 ext2 (prism2.5) in my mII2k both work great natively without the need for the nasty wrapper action

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    For my laptop the Oranoko gold pcmcia is the r0xz0rs (only 802.11b though)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyber

    I have an Orinoco gold pcmcia for the laptop and a Netgate 2511 ext2 (prism2.5) in my mII2k both work great natively without the need for the nasty wrapper action
    I have an Edimax PC7108G (now) in my MII-12000 based carputer now with zero problems using the rt2500 module. It doesn't require wpa_supplicant either. The setup file the module (optionally) uses is the best way to get WPA working. Otherwise you have to use a combination of iwconfig and iwpriv to set things, some of which didn't seem to work as advertised. It also comes with a Qt-based GUI for setting it up but I haven't tried it yet.
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