Ok so I have read and read about Windows XP setups but now comes the time to think about Linux. I will go with Fedora Core 4 and update as it does.

I haven't installed my carputer yet but I have tested out all the functionality on my laptop on a trip from MD to Ny and back, currently on my cell right now to the internet.

So what apps are you guys using in Linux I will list the compairable Windows Apps.

1: GPS (destinator 3) + freedrive or monkeybones= ?
2: Cell Phone (phonecontrol.net)= ?
3: Skins (Front end)= http://pymedia.org/pycar/index.html ?
4: Radio (not sure what to use here will check out Windows apps)= ?
5: The rest is just basic apps!
6: ODBII = http://obddiagnostics.com/ (I have used this for over a year now) Works on just about all OS.