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Thread: xm on linux?

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    xm on linux?

    Anyone get xm running on linux running the xmd1000? Mine works fine in windows, I just started playing around with wine, i was hoping someone on here had it before I waste time experimenting.
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    i dont know, i just started doing some looking for it. I am running windows, but after seeing i thought it would be worth a try..

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    I have an XMD1000, and I was able to get xmpcr2 to control it. But I haven't signed up for the XM service yet.

    Here's what I did:
    • Download from
    • I changed /dev/ttyUSB0 to /dev/tty0 in callbacks.c. (Because there's no other way to change the serial port used.)
    • There's a script in the main dir (I forget what it's called) that runs automake and configure.
    • You'll want to check forums for any hints on getting it to work.

    I haven't actually heard music, but it should work. (Post, if it works for you. I'm curious.)

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