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Thread: liliput 619gl + xorg

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    liliput 619gl + xorg

    I've been searching and found a few references to people saying it's been done, but nobody's posted an xorg.conf, and I can't seem to find the specs on this LCD. Anyone know the HorizSync and VertRefresh settings for a liliput 619gl?

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    I searched for "xfree86 lillilput" and got four threads (they'll probably be five now with this thread). this one contains some modelines, which is probably what you want.
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    Yup I've found some more info since then. The biggest problem turned out not the be the X config though, but the bios. On the EPIA M10000, X was just displaying garbage with the bios set to 'crt+lcd', changed it to just 'crt' and it works fine now.

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