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Thread: sound cards

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruzzmon
    you're right, i had major problems with rmmoding sr_mod. there was a big problem with the code that has hopefully been fixed recently, not sure. it would hang and the process wouldn't die, etc. sg seems to be fine.
    Okay we're on the same page wrt that anyway. I have no probs with sg either.

    Quote Originally Posted by ruzzmon
    i tried both firewire and usb, both require sr_mod of course. also, if you were using a 2.4 kernel before, that would be why sr_mod was working fine.
    Nope I was using a 2.6.11 stock SuSE kernel and it worked fine (as far as accessing the drive goes). My drive showed up as /dev/sr0.

    Quote Originally Posted by ruzzmon
    it broke after 2.6 was released, i think. i was using a dual usb/firewire enclosure, both suffered from the failure of sr_mod, so i gave up for the time being, waiting for the scsi programmers to fix the code.
    Mine was a USB/Firewire drive as well but I only used the firewire. When I would hibernate with Xine playing a movie and then resumed, Xine would "go banannas" fast forwarding and skipping frames and then settle down about a minute later. My solution was to send my frontend a signal that we are about to hibernate that would in turn pause Xine before hibernating. When I resumed it would still skip some frames but playback was smooth within about 10s or so. It didn't work perfectly every time though.

    Now that I have hibernation working well wrt to audio only, I've been testing resuming with a movie going and the suspend does appear to hang (or at least takes a very long time) although I haven't checked the logs yet to see what the culprit is. Have you tried hibernating with/without reloading sr_mod with nothing actually using it?
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    I've got an M-Audio Revolution 7.1. The way the ALSA mixer sees it is somewhat funky, each of the channels is discrete (as well as the various DSP devices on the card), so rather than having a master volume control to adjust, say, the front channels (left+right), the ALSA master volume can only be linked to one channel. I'm considering a Creative Labs product to replace it, which is unfortunate, as the Revolution has excellent audio quality.

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    Check out this list of Sound Cards that work on the Linux Kernel 2.6

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