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Thread: Phone control software

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    Genokii is not good

    Quote Originally Posted by revorg
    If gnokii did what I want I wouldn't be writing my own application. It is severely limited in some important areas. It does however contain some code which may be useful to me, particularly in the area of message handling.

    As far as I know genokii can not display CID. It required Genome libs.(Heavy)
    Linux carputers should have one distinct advantage that is the boot time over M$ Window$. If you put KDE, Genome it'll be similar to booting Win$p.

    So please continue with your work it'll be quite usefull.

    Please make it work on GSM as well. There are more GSM users than CDMA.

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    Phone calls by bluetooth(using PC audio system for playback and capture)! khandsfree worked for a while..and stopped working!
    In a world without Gates and Windows there are no fences or walls!!

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    I have just moved from Windoze XP to Fedora Core 4 on my carputer, and very reluctantly, as PhoneControl.NET is easily the best phone control software I have seen. Such a shame there's no Linux support.

    Given that, something like this is exactly what I want and need. Otherwise I will be forced to go back to Windoze. And as all Linux users know, it's like wrapping a piece of 2x4 around your head.

    So go for it! I'd love to help in any way I can, although I have very limited skills in VB. If the need for a website becomes apparent however.. =P

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    Did you try running it on Mono?


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    Is this project still alive?

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