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Thread: Holly Mother of God !!!!!

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    Holly Mother of God !!!!!

    OK, I was always a Windows user ( and a MSDN member )... untill ....

    I installed Suse 10.0.

    I thought that Linux was still a command line / gotta get the right modules / tweak this / tweak that / etc ........

    Novell has had the insight to purchase Suse a few years back and they have incorporated "everything" in their stuff.

    Novell = Free ( huh ? )

    yep, I tried all the distros that run off a CD, but this 5 CD set installed complete with every option just blows my mind....

    this coming from a die-hard windows user that has tweak that thing into oblivion.

    I just gotta get a smaller box ( 233MMX ) to run SLAMPP and I will NOT be using windows server 2003 enterprise no more
    Mr. Bill gates, no more $$ from me... wait, did I pay you ???

    My P4 1.9Ghz is smokin with everything that Linux has to offer (3000 modules) and at 2048x1536 it's much better than windows @ 1600. I guess it wasn't hardware resraints

    Anyway, just shouting out to xNIX users here on the boards...

    I can't wait to get doing a CF distro for the car.


    p.s. pardon the non-MP3 Car content, just needed to shout to my second home.

    Forgot the link :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don 944 LA
    I thought that Linux was still a command line / gotta get the right modules / tweak this / tweak that / etc ........
    Oh it still is and what makes it so powerful

    I am glad you see the stuff in Linux that you like. Welcome to the party

    I use debian linux.

    The apt-tools are incredible, check it out.

    Install off of a network boot CD.
    Install from the CD but do not install any extra packages when you are prompted.

    log in as root.
    # apt-get install ssh apache samba

    apt will install all of the needed packages for you and resolve all dependancies.

    You will now have a minimal install web and windows file server, remote access is done using ssh.

    Want to update all packages on the system to the latest bug fixes and updates?

    # apt-get update
    # apt-get dist-upgrade

    ALL installed debian packages will auto-update. You can also use this to upgrade to the testing, unstable, or experimental versions by editing the file /etc/apt/sources.list file with a text editor like nano:

    # nano /etc/apt/sources.list

    If you have installed something you dont use or need or like:
    # apt-get remove <package name>

    If you want to see if there is a package available
    # apt-cache search gnome

    You will now see a list of packages that match the query above.

    Want to install a Desktop environment on your minimal install of debian.
    # apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment

    Enjoy Linux

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