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Thread: Holly Mother of God !!!!!

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    Holly Mother of God !!!!!

    OK, I was always a Windows user (and a MSDN member)... untill ....

    I installed Suse 10.0.

    I thought that Linux was still a command line / gotta get the right modules / tweak this / tweak that / etc ........

    Novell has had the insight to purchase Suse a few years back and they have incorporated "everything" in their stuff.

    Novell = Free ( huh ? )

    yep, I tried all the distros that run off a CD, but this 5 CD set installed complete with every option just blows my mind....

    this coming from a die-hard windows user that has tweak that thing into oblivion.

    I just gotta get a smaller box ( 233MMX ) to run SLAMPP and I will NOT be using windows server 2003 enterprise no more
    Mr. Bill gates, no more $$ from me... wait, did I pay you ???

    My P4 1.9Ghz is smokin with everything that Linux has to offer (3000 modules) and at 2048x1536 it's much better than windows @ 1600. I guess it wasn't hardware resraints

    Anyway, just shouting out to xNIX users here on the boards...

    I can't wait to get doing a CF distro for the car.


    p.s. pardon the non-MP3 Car content, just needed to shout to my second home.

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    whats it do.. other that be an operating system?

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    for some reason, this became a double post ... mods please delete this one...
    or whichever has fewer responses


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    Quote Originally Posted by djmickyg
    whats it do.. other that be an operating system?
    I have multiple users and associated web content for them..
    I can log into many users and swith between then in about 2 sec ( 5 - 10 min on windows ). Each user has many interfaces/desktops ( up to 20 I think ). Each desktop can be configured independently ( windows settings, background, screensaver, etc...)

    about 98% of the thing we use windows for is better, the only problem I have is my ATI all-in-wonder TV card isn't supported ( in TV mode, graphics are fine), and Adobe CS2. Other than that, It not only a compatible system, it's better. Microsoft is finally coming to the plate late, and with DRM no less.


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    Yeah linix is fun ****. You can take an old computer with a bad windows install, throw on linux, and have a lighting fast old computer that can do the same things that new ones can.
    Progress,.... that is what I keep forgetting ;)
    planning_[++++++++++]. 110%
    parts___[++++++----] around 60%
    install___[-----------] -9,000%

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    i just installed gentoox on my xbox. was easier than windows to install but now that its there i dont know the first thing to do! lol

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    make the xbox into a tivo clone using mythtv.

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    How would you do that? The Xbox has no video in.

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    There's a couple of USB TV tuners that have hardware encodding, those would work through the controller ports of the X-Box.

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    Doh, I can make my xbox into a tivo?

    So, I know this is now OT but what the hell, I may build it into my car, so its _OT

    I guess I need
    An xbox. <check>
    A bigger HD <check>
    xbox mod chip? <check>
    USB tv tuner (wintv?)
    Some OS

    I saw something about RSS and torrents and series of stuff downloaded etc
    Could it do that too?

    I currently use XBMC to play stuff would I lose that ?

    If so I may just buy another xbox and build this setup etc, then dump the dvd player+hd recorder combo because its never been useful as it wont connect to pc
    Lez, more widely known as flez1966

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