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Thread: Little OT, need help

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    Little OT, need help

    i am making some project; standalone house player: MP3 player, DVD, divx player from some old hardware... i was thinking why not integrate 7" LCD from car to that standalone component... so i need some software only for playing audio files(mp3, wav, etc) and watching films(DVD, divx).. i was searching forum for that software but only found with extra modules(telephone, GPS , etc) that i dont need ...
    Software must me based on Linux platform, some1 told me that i can find software that not need Linux installed on PC, just that software .... So pls can u help me ??

    Thx alot !!

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    413 <- MP3, DVD(I think), and DivX Linux-based player that boots from CDROM, so you don't have to install it to your PC.

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