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Thread: NEWBIE on Linux Start Up time HELP

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLlama
    Where did you find 20 seconds worth of stuff to trim off? BTW, I just discovered ifplugd about a month ago. I was about to write my own software to sense the ethernet port but this does it. It will connect to the network automatically when you have access. This way i'm not waiting for dhcp while I'm in the car and it connects to the network on another thread while your booting.
    im only using a console application, so doesnt need to load anything on startup

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    While we are talking about timings here's an utility which can be usefull for new users before they are familiar with linux and they wish go further more.

    Download or install ntsysv which is a fast and easy way to play with services without having to really care where are "hidden" the services with the associated runlevels
    It runs from console. I remember that on my first steps with linux i appreciated this utility.

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