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Thread: Serial Port iPod Control Software

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    Quote Originally Posted by silvercryst View Post

    If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to share.
    Sharing is caring! when all is said and done, i'd like to see how it works! maybe it could be used as an extention to a front end!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by silvercryst View Post
    This approach may be fatally flawed; there is no way to play songs downloaded from iTunes without either iTunes or the iPod firmware. There are ways to convert them, but as far as being a universal iPod player, this method will not work.

    I'm still doing it though.
    Cool, I'm a heavy ipod user but have never bought anything from iTunes (yuck - at $1 a track I'd rather just buy the CD and have my backup copy made for me).

    For a personal MP3 collection (non-DRM) your system should work fine, right?

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    Yes, it will work for any non-DRM tracks.

    Hopefully Java will not be too slow for this to be anything more than a science project. I am planning a C++ port as well. But I'll continue on the Java science project to meet my original goals of exercising the language.

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    Serial port for iPod

    Dear Sir,

    From this forum I know that you are an expert in writing code for iPod
    serial port. I am going to develop a small program which receives data
    from iPod serial port and then displays the data on iPod screen. Can
    you give me any suggestion about it? Or if you already have some codes
    functioning like that I need, I may buy it from you. You can contact me
    at [email protected]. Thank you.

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    pic controller

    What a fascinating piece of software/hardware
    Would it be possible to control this serial port ipod control software with a pic
    Can it control the file selection?
    What are the rules?

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    Serial Port iPod Control Software

    There is some software I wrote which would run under linux (although
    I only tested under Windows), it is available at (look under "squirting ipod commands with laptop").
    It shows how to send commands, and also how to monitor the response.
    For the cable, I just used a USB to 3.3V serial converter cable (e.g. Nokia data cable) and the ipod cable from a griffin autopilot ipod charger. It allows you to send commands to play/fwd/rewind/etc from the DOS prompt. The commands need to be in hex, but this is documented on websites.

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