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Thread: Shameless plug

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    More options (almost) always leads to better programs in the end.

    The only example that doesn't is Xine/Mplayer. Each has their strengths and weaknesses and neither seems to want to incorporate the strenghts of the other's into their program.

    [rant]Bah, Mplayer without real Dvd Menu Support. Xine without windows binary codec options. [/rant]

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    Dead man walking...

    Well I broke down and my wife talked me into trading our car in on a minivan, which means the next owner will very likely be getting my original Silverwolf prototype (it actually increased the value of the car quite a bit by leaving it in!) so I've finally upgraded the system in the car to v1.3.0.1 and weeded out the remaining bugs in v1.3.0.0.

    I've released this final 1.3 series version and it's on the website now for whoever is interested. The most important thing you need to do is disable your artsd forever once you upgrade or it will likely sound crappy. Oh and you need to install FMOD.

    So now it's on to building a new prototype (I have most of the hardware already so no biggee) and v2.0... If anyone out there fancies themselves an artist, v2.0 needs some skinning talent bad Let me know if you're interested...
    Silverwolf 2 is dead.
    Silverwolf 3...?

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