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Thread: Finally.. some hardware

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    Finally.. some hardware

    So hardware should finish arriving on Thursday, so I can start testing on the actual setup.

    Via EN15000
    1GB DDR2
    Slot Load CDRW/DVD
    Xenarc 7inch TS (had this awhile)
    And I'm sure I have a harddrive around

    Rest of the stuff I already have (keyboard, phidgets, gps, etc).

    So here is the Linux Question...

    I have heard that the Via Boards don't like to do 800x480. What resolutions are you guys using in your systems, and have you found any Linux tips to getting 800x480 out of a Via EPIA? (Assuming you are using a800x480 native screen)


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    The mII and sp13000 did allow for native 800x480 output, so you could just set the xserver to that resolution.

    AFAIK the en15000 doesn't have any linux drivers (or stable windows drivers) for a lot of its hardware, so only generic drivers will be able to be used.

    To get the most out of the hardware that you can I suggest using EpiOS (I have no experience with it) or gentoo (which I use) as they are/can be built specifically for the Via hardware.

    P.S. Nice specs for the machine, let us know how it turns out. I need to upgrade my original Epia 800 with 256 ram

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    Nice, let us know how things work out. I'm starting to get anxious seeing everyone realizing their linux setups. Only one more day of school.... then the world will be mine!

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    Because my situation is a little different (using a fixed frequency OEM monitor) I had to install a Radeon 7000PCI that would sync low enough (and build a sync combiner circuit) but as I recall I think I did get X running at 800x480 on my MII-12000 but it was quite a while ago so I could be wrong.

    btw Llama how many ungainly vehicles do you have?
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    Silverwolf 3...?

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