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Thread: HQCT Driver.

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    hqct driver

    here it is...

    There are no garantees here, but it should just work when you don't use the AFTUNE ioctl. The test was that rdsd could tune and decode the RDS information, that's all I know


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    Is the RDS tuner on HQCT SAA6588? If so, why don't we use the existing Linux SAA6588 driver?

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    Just a update that I'm just now revisiting this testing and the AM reception issue.

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    HQCT driver on newer distiries

    Hi, I tried to make my HQCT- module work with OpenICE "Anino". Compiling and "insmod" is no problem, but to blacklist the device as mentioned in driver's README did not work. I can not blacklist the device, because in newer distributions (i.e. Ubuntu 9.04) the file "drivers/usb/input/hid-core.c" in kernel source has no blacklist- section any longer! The blacklisting is managed by files located in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.*. But there I can only blacklist a complete driver and I can not insert new devices, I guess. Is this right and how can I make it work?

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