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Thread: VERY rough draft of Linux frontend

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    VERY rough draft of Linux frontend

    Hey, I am a slightly experianced programmer. I usually dont complete projects i start unless someone actually shows interest/helps out, so if you are interested or want to help out, let me know I want to make a Linux version of something similar to Centrafuse using Gambas. I have some rough layout stuff done, and I have chosen the name Tuxeedo for the project. Some screenshots below:

    Thats one nights photoshopping around. I am workin on arranging the menu stuff now, and hopefully I can figure out mp3 tag reading sometime soon. I am not too sure how the Navigation is gonna work out, I will probibly have to work something out with an already developed linux nav program. If you are interested in helping and have experience in basic, gambas, or visual basic, gimme a holler via the pm'ification.

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    I don't want to thread jack here but has anyone brought gambas to the attention of the windows vb developers? Frodo, for example, would have little trouble porting his windows player to linux (I'm assuming after reading the gambas homepage). Of course that would mean opening their source which I don't know if any of the vb developers would be in a hurry to do.

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    yeah gambas is similar to VB but then again, very different. So effectively they would have to rewrite ALOT of their code completely. If they were REALLY interested in portability, they would look at, RealBasic, an IDE similar to VB, can use one source to compile to Mac, Linux, and Windows...

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    I like this idea, Keep it up, You got my intrest
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