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Thread: Touchscreen whose drivers play nice with Linux

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    turns out the driver on the website ... was out of date, there was a newer one else where.
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    more touchscreen issues

    Have any of you come across a problem with your touchscreen being off when changing resolutions? I'm getting this in ICE4-11 when running nGhost fullscreen. I'm using the evtouch driver. It seemed to me when testing earlier LinuxICE builds that it worked fine when changing resolutions.

    Any tips? Thanks.
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    Also, does anyone else lose their touchscreen in X once it is turned off and then back on again? This happens to me with the evtouch driver and it is so annoying! I have to restart X in order to get it back.

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    Hi Guys,
    I'm wondering if any of you have had continued success with using the Lilliput under Linux. I recently bought a new EBY701 which works fine under Windows XP, but I have always been partial to Linux. I used to have a 619NP working under Mandriva 2006.0 but I sold that system and am re-invigorating myself to get my Car PC built.

    I now have the EBY701 running on a Epia Nano ITX N10000e. I've got all the basics working but I am getting so frustrated with the touchscreen. It is so inconsistent as to whether it works at all. First issue I have is with the changing event numbers. I am going to try the udev recommendations I've seen in this forum and elsewhere on line. What confuses me is that this morning before work, when I started the PC the touchscreen didn't respond at all even though it was recognized. The xorg.conf file has the device as /dev/input/event0 and that is what the device is listed under when I use "cat /proc/bus/input/devices". But it still doesn't work.

    When it does work, it works fine. I followed the example in this forum post:

    I used the evtouch drivers obtained here:

    Right now I will try just to get the EBY701 to work straight away on boot...consistently. I believe that that I can do this. I will use the original working xorg.conf I have saved and copy it back. I believe that so long as I don't change the usb ports my devices are plugged into things should work. I'll then add in the udev recommendations and see how that goes.

    Now what do I do when I turn off the screen to preserve it's life? My understanding is that the device is disconnected when turned off. My old 619NP did not do this, but the EBY701 does. By rights the udev mods should address reconnecting to a working event handler. I read that by using CTRL-ALT-F1 followed by CTRL-ALT-F7 should get the pointer control back. But this seems like a real kloodge. Have any of you found a solution to this?

    Lastly I really would like to have a mouse installed at the same time. I eventually want to have one of the Ergonomic Touchpad devices connected permanently in my car as a backup to the touchscreen. But right now, whenever there is a mouse installed, neither the mouse nor the touchscreen works. Does anyone have experience with have both the touchscreen and mouse device working at the same time?

    I am currently running Mandriva 2008 if this helps.

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    Touchscreen drivers solved...for me


    Have you tried using the drivers directly from Lilliput? I used their Touchkit drivers and after installation, which required building a custim kernel due to version issues, I was successful getting the EBY701 working. What's great is that it solves your issue with losing the pointer on screen power down. I followed their guide, used a /dev/hiddev0 device and voila, it works.

    If you give it a try I can help you with any issues that come up.

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