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Thread: Tips if your running Debian unstable

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    Quote Originally Posted by blk
    building a kernel never trashed a system, just boot from the old kernel if something doesn't work (switch at boot prompt)
    It wasn't the kernel build that killed it. Something happend when it tried to upgrade, but seeing how often I'm hitting walls, I'm afraid to tempt fate.

    But I did temp fate last week and get suspend2 going, though doesn't seem worth it. It was a PITA too. Options missing out of menuconfig, etc.

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    had things like these on ubuntu unstable, was mostly because of new directory locations, the right symlinks made it work again (took some hours to figure out those though, as i first had to diagnose the problem)

    good luck with sw.susp2, never tried it myself, all i do is boot optimizing (initng, least deamons possible, maybe i'll try linuxbios (risky as i don't have a replacement in case i brick it))

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