I need help creating a recipe for my carpc backup solution. I'd like to do it with linux, but being somewhat of a *nix noob, I need some advice

I have 3 partitions:
1) c:\ is an NTFS partition for the OS (WinXP) and apps
2) unnamed FAT32 partition to hold the backup image (use FAT32 to hide from WinXP)
3) e:\ is an NTFS partition for content (music, videos, etc)

I need to:
A) Boot to an OS from USB CDROM
B) make an image of the NTFS partition (C:\) and store it on the unnamed FAT32 partition

I managed to get a bootable CD working that has a version of GHOST for DOS. The bootable portion uses an autoexec that provides a user menu, but will timeout if no input and restore the image from the FAT32 partition to the NTFS part where C:\ resides.
Once booted, I can break out to a DOS prompt and take an image of the partition with C:\. This works when my CDROM is on IDE; however, in the car, I will have it on USB. I've wasted so many CDs trying to get DOS drivers for USB CDROM to work, with no luck. So now I look to Linux