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Thread: Question on Suspend2

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    Question on Suspend2

    Finally got suspend2 working. What a pain in the arse.

    The biggest problems I had were that the options for the file writers were missing from menuconfig.

    I did not get one hit on google on the error message.

    Finally stumbling across some patches, I realized that they were missing. I edited the .config by hand and added the Swap Writer and File Writer and then it worked fine. Almost.

    It would suspend without error, but not resume, just normal boot. Most of the howto's I saw neglected to tell me that I had to modify the mkinit scripts first.

    Ok, 3 or 4 kernel compiles later, I've got it working.

    To my disappointment, it's still damn slow. Maybe a second or two faster than the suspend that worked out of the box. Close to 30 seconds, which is almost how long it takes to boot normal.

    And on top of that, after hibernating with suspend2, my sound is all foobar. Just choppy. Force-reloading also doesn't help. I didn't have this problem until I used suspend2.

    Am I missing some secret here? Just seems way too slow.

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    Well I figured out the sound problem. While trying to speed boot times I noticed I had ampd and acipd running. I ditched ampd and now sound works perfect

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