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Thread: Talking MP3 player OpenSuSE 10.1 project

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    Talking MP3 player OpenSuSE 10.1 project

    okay, first the hardware I have:
    * VIA EPIA MII-10000 (built in PCMCIA + CF reader) in a custom box with Opus 12volt to ATX power supply
    * Xenarc 700TSV (USB) plugged into the built-in video port
    * low-wattage stereo FM transmitter plugged into front-panel sound ports
    * ATI RF remote control with USB dongle for the receiver. This works like an extension to the keyboard and is supported by the kernel.

    I'm loading it up with OpenSuSE 10.1. I've used Fedora for years, but recently I tried Ubuntu (too goofy) and Novell's new OpenSuSE, and I like it. Red Hat is falling behind IMHO.

    My goals will be:
    * working and calibrated touchscreen
    * readable resolution on the Xenarc (not betting on 800x480)
    * wireless networking
    * talking ('festival' voice synthesis) MP3 player with wireless remote control working through the car sound system via the FM transmitter
    * VoIP over Wifi to Asterisk PBX
    * custom application to launch and control all of this

    I can't drive, work a computer, and keep my wife sane simultaneously (any two, not all three). So I want a talking MP3 player. I'll control it with the wireless remote or the touchscreen. I'm a developer, so this isn't that difficult to imagine for me. My main problems are usually much more mundane, like getting a wireless networking device that actually works.

    I've played with some MP3 player applications that use perl that are close... but not what I want. I'll probably start a new project in java.

    Oh, but it gets more fun. I live in a place that is getting county wide WIFI, and I have an Asterisk PBX for Voice-Over-IP tied to a commercial POTS provider (Broadvoice). I want to be able to link in a GPS unit, automatically connect to WIFI hotspots, and make VoIP phone calls using a headset. While parked. I know there's some neat dual-mode VoIP/Cellular stuff going on, I am not interested in cellular. At all. Never again. I want the puter to SSH to my home machine, tunnel the VoIP connection to it, and it will connect it up to the Broadvoice account. I need the heavy encryption so nobody hears me talking dirty to my sane wife.

    But why stop there? I want to link the car's OBD-II diagnostics into the puter too. My car also has a CAN bus electrical architecture, so I can interface other non-engine functions. I doubt the CPU has the power, but one day I may have a camera video recognition system read speed limit signs and adjust the cruise control automatically.

    So first, I need a good 802.11g wireless adapter. I've got PCMCIA, Compact Flash, USB, Firewire, and a 10/100 ethernet jack that could be used. I need it to have an external antenna.

    Should I just link in an access point device? I'm not that good with the wireless protocols, what device that won't require me to compile a new kernel could be used?
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    Sounds good.
    Prepare to spend some time on it. As of talking ability, you may look at the car2linux project. It uses flite and Python.
    Good luck
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    No suggestions on wireless? Eeewwwww, mean crowd.
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    Without Kernel recompile the only thing that works 100% is a wireless lan bridge (most accesspoint's can do that).

    in my opinion it's better to use a USB Stick because you have direct hardwareaccess and you can scan for opened wireless lan's.

    (pls. excuse the bad english)

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    I use an Atheros 5212 card for wifi, but it is mini-pci so that may not work for you. But madwifi supports the Atheros chipset and there are many cards that use it. No recompile or custom kernel needed.
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