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Thread: Freevo plugins

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    Freevo plugins

    If anyone is interested in putting freevo in their car, I wrote a voice plugin. It announces the menu choices, so you can run without a display.

    I'm also considering writing a plugin for the adapters at car2pc.

    So far, it's a pretty workable system, especially for the effort. You can control selections with lirc or a bluetooth phone, and hear the menu choices. Freevo is written in python, so this shouldn't have the usual hardware restrictions.

    Please let me know what you think or if you have problems.

    I attached the file, remove the .txt extension and put it into your freevo/plugins directory.
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    I never thought about Freevo.

    But I would love to have MythTV running in my car. Obviouly it wouldn't record anything, but I could sync up in the garage and take my recordings on the road.

    What a great idea!

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    Yeah, I run Mythtv at home and it's great for managing recordings, etc. However, Mythtv is a bit heavy and complicated to run in a car based system. For example, my Mythtv system requires around 512M RAM to play smoothly and Freevo runs fine at 64M. Freevo also starts and stops quicker and would have fewer issues with running on a read-only filesystem. Freevo also is much easier to enhance.

    My 2c.

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