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Thread: Dear God please help me!

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    I have been playing around with RH since version 5. Mostly as an end user trying to get all the hardware working with the system. Most of question and problem can befound with simple search. It's take time but at least the answer are there.
    The last RH base installation was FD2. I try OpenSUSE 9 and 10 last years and lately Ubutu and PCLinux OS. So far, I like the later 2 more than RH and OpenSUSE because of 1 CD with LiveCD. PCLinuxOS is a little more resource intensive vs Ubutu, but support all hardware I have in the system. Yes, they both run smooth on P3 500 with 256MB.
    I look at Gentoo and it's a hell of learning curve before getting the system up and running.
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    I could send you pictures of my hot 21 year old girlfriend (i'm 23), my beautiful 6 month old baby, my 3 fantastic cars, or the 15,000 dollars of cash I have sitting around burning a hole through my pocket... and my kitten's still alive, haven't forgotten to feed it yet.

    Go be close minded somewhere else. Not all wow players are hardcore nerds that never do anything but play wow. You've been watching too much south park buddy.

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    I wanna see pictures of the cash & the chick

    no, but seriously dude, no need to get flustered over ANYTHING you read on the net... it should all be giggles... theres no way anyone really knows you so why get upset over what some stanger thinks,.. ignore it or answer it, but don't get hot about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by christie View Post
    I'm hoping to learn linux, the problem is i don't know which platform to use, I've asked several people and it's like asking the time( you never get the same answer.) So I'm completly lost in which to use, I'm a total noob at linux and i would appreciate some advice as which is a good one to use. I'm currently using xp on my car pc but i want something i've programmed myself( complition time next year hopefully)
    Try ubuntu. One of the best live cd/dvd linux setups out there. To be fair, there are many others like knoppix, etc. I'm sure everyone interested in linux can name a favorite live linux on a cd, I personally prefer ubuntu. Plus, if you ask questions, someone will respond almost immediately to help you get things going.

    I recently suggested this to a friend of mine who was looking to try linux and she took off running it pretty much without any help from me, then completely switched to it.

    Good luck with whichever flavor of linux you choose.

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    Ubuntu for noobs is SimplyMepis. It finds more hardware and installs better and more stably than any other I've tried. Even their newer 64-bit versions worked well on my 754 and 939 setups.

    Try it. You won't regret it.
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    I'm with turbocad. Prove you have a hot gf and a living kitty with some pics of get off the soapbox lol
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    for the sake of not looking like a poser:

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    Don't leave the cat in the paper bin - you might prove david69leonard right


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    What the heck is Warcraft?

    You mean you can play games on these things too?!?

    I thought computers were for Pointless Arguing, Ebay, and porn!




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