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    Linux ICE

    Ok, so I decided to go with Linux ICE. I downloaded the live CD for the Alpha 4 version. Put it on my PC and I guess it was OK, but there's no option to put a web browser on? And NGhost doesn't view in full screen? I tried downloading firefox and burning it to a disk. Well that didn't work too well considering there's no option in ICE to open a disk unless it's a DVD. Should I go with something like Ubuntu? I'm just not digging this Linux ICE, seems to be lacking a lot???

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    Any logical reason that this is in the Newbie forum and not the Linux forum?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Linux ICE

    The LinuxICE installation doesn't come with much to run as a usable computer in a graphical mode. If you switch to a non-graphical terminal (ctrl+alt+F1/F2) you should be able to execute any normal linux commands. Since this is based off of ubuntu, you should execute "sudo apt-get update" to update the list of applications it may download, and then "sudo apt-get install firefox" if you wish to install firefox. All of this must be done while the computer is plugged into a network connection.

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    thread moved to the Linux forum.
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    yep, no browser by default. But you can easily install firefox via the terminal application: "sudo apt-get install firefox".

    and yes, alpha 4 was an alpha release. It's not supposed to be complete at that point. It is better now.

    RC1 will be out soon with many added enhancements (including nGhost2). Lot's of them to make everything a little easier.
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