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Thread: linux voice synthesis - Nghost

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    linux voice synthesis - Nghost

    the v5 release of cepstrals voices for voice synthesis are out.

    These are pay to use voices, but of a much better quality then say flite, or festival voices.

    this is not open source software, fyi. they charge $30 a voice, which I didn't have a problem paying, considering the quality. I already had an older version, so my upgrade was $10.

    Nghost is working on integrating voice feedback, which will support cepstral, flite, and festival, or any command line based output.

    I'll add a link to the audio once I find somewhere to host it.

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    I'll take one Ozzy Osborne and one Darth Vader voice plz
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    I'm tempted to make a purchase, the voices are pretty good.

    Quote Originally Posted by kev000 View Post
    I'll take one Ozzy Osborne and one Darth Vader voice plz
    I want Walken. "Turn... RIGHT... Ahead!". It's too bad they don't have "funny" voices, it would be great if my car could talk in broken English like Luigi from the Simpsons.

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