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Thread: are there any OBD2 software for linux

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    are there any OBD2 software for linux

    not just code reading but also live data and all that stuff. a progrm just for linux don't want to use wine

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    NGhost now has elm based obd2 support either in this release or the next one.

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    know where i can find some screen shots of it can't find any at all of nghost period

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    google is an amazing tool.

    goto Type in "nghost". Press "Enter".
    Look at all the pretty pics of nGhost from version 0.0.1 to the current.

    Now click on "Video" up at the top.
    Look at all the pretty videos of nGhost in action.

    Specifically the obd-II plugin:


    And, last but not least, the nGhost official project page:
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