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Thread: LinuxICE2 Quality and Update Strategy

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    LinuxICE2 Quality and Update Strategy

    LinuxICE Anino currently has 3 repositories: Stable, Unstable, and Testing. This somewhat follows the debian structure with a slight difference. In debian, the "testing" repository is known for it's near-stable quality of packages. In LinuxICE, this is where we throw packages to without any prior knowledge of what works.

    The Alpha build of Anino and the 2 Beta's have been built from the testing repository (see release schedule for details). RC1 and RC2 will move to unstable and final will be based on stable.

    Once Final is out, I'm trying to think of a good way to do updates. Specifically with regard to new features in packages (as opposed to only bug fixes). Would you rather have constant trickling updates with new features (and potential breakages), or just bug fixes? Bug fixes are much easier to maintain. That way, most of the efforts can be directed to Anino+1.

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    "constant trickling updates with new features (and potential breakages)" sounds better.
    after all, "linux is not for everybody" i think anybody that will use linux for the carPc would have some basic knowledge of linux and would be able to fix breakages.
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