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Thread: Hybrid sleep

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Dejan_ View Post
    You are old fashion.
    If you don't know benefit of hibryd sleep and you don't need it you don't need comment in this thread...
    Main benefit of this feature is LOW power consumption (1-2W) when carpc is in sleep and you have 1-3sec. "boot" time, BUT if your batery voltage go to low and cut off power for carpc when you are not in car you still have 15-20sec "boot" time(resume from hibernate) and you still can start your car without drained battery...
    I don't think he's arguing against having hybrid sleep, I think he's arguing the need for so many buttons/options for something that, he believes, the user shouldn't even have to think about.

    Traditionally, LinuxICE's default behavior was to hibernate when it got the ACPI-power-off signal from hardware. This of course would fail if your hardware wouldn't support it. I think what I will do is create some sort of smart script that will try to

    1) hybrid-sleep.

    if (fail):
    2) shutdown

    This menu is meant as kinda a maintenance type thing when for whatever reason, you didn't want the default behavior (ie, restarting after upgrading nghost, etc, etc).
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    If you don't know benefit of hibryd sleep and you don't need it you don't need comment in this thread...
    I'm not calling the benefits of hybrid sleep into question, I'm pondering the usability of the screenshot posted to start this thread, and offering up my suggestions on how to fix what I see as wrong.

    I guess I didn't make myself clear on two counts;
    1) Hybrid-sleep is, in fact, an entirely opaque term to people who aren't computer experts. Even offering such a thing to users is bad karma. Most users won't know the difference between hybrid-sleep and hibernate, and they shouldn't need to
    2) Read the joel article I linked - it clarifies that giving users *this exact choice* is bad for usability. Carputers should be trivially simple to use, for all the reasons this thread's original author outlined here

    15-20sec "boot" time
    Thereby validating my stance, because linuxice already boots faster than that. Saving power is good: drawing absolutely zero is better.

    I have a pretty beefy machine at home, and putting it to hibernate takes a really freaking long time because no matter which way you bend it, writing 4G of ram to disk and reading it back takes a long time.

    LOW power consumption (1-2W)
    1-2W is still sucking a bunch of electricities, depending on your worldview. There's people concerned on another thread here about a device drawing one five-hundredth of that. My sheeva draws an almighty 5W when it's going full-tilt, and way way less when it's doing nothing.

    But you are right in that I know very little about power saving.

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    While nothing you said is *incorrect* it has at it's core an assumption -- that is whom is this being developed for... If this is aimed for the typical "Joe" off the street, then I would agree with you stance. However, the typical "Joe" isn't even thinking about how he/she is going to run power to different devices in his car -- or wheather to use an Inverter vs a DC-DC adaptor -- or how to integrate his steering wheel controls with his computer -- or the list of other things that go into putting a computer into a car.

    For those of us doing that, well at least for me, options are good. If the option I need for my particular configuration is already there, well that's one less thing I have to research and tweek for my particular configuration. I am sure any of us could go into /etc/acpi/ and configure linuxice to shutdown how we would like, but having the config option right there means I can spend more time on items that are more unique to my setup (like using a space navigator).

    Just my 2 cents...

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