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Thread: How to control nghost without icepanel?

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    Unhappy How to control nghost without icepanel?

    I installed nghost onto ubuntu 10.04...and all is good except one thing...I can't control it without the back button from the icepanel. So once I click on anything(except Navit), I can't return to the previous(the arrow button used to control this is part of the icepanel, which when installed and running is missing all the buttons except the music one). If I can find another way to move back to the previous screen without the icepanel that would be excellent...either that or find a way to fix the icepanel's missing buttons(prefer to not have to use the panel if possible). Thanks in advance!!!!
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    change the skin. I don't use icepanel and use a skin that has a back button on it. icepanel is nice for the easy access to the popup keyboard.

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