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Thread: M2-ATX Power Switch Problems

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    I'll jump in and report the same issues... MB would power on, fan on CPU would spin, then power down... This is after working flawlessly with no changes over several months. I tried every different type of way to make it work.. nothing..

    I ended up turning the MOBO to start on power and it works... It still can tell the ignition is switched because it only supplies power when its turned.

    Oh well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doogle View Post
    I'm beginning to think my M2-ATX is causing the problems with my carPC too. it works fine when plugged into a normal PC ATX power supply indoors but when I put it in the car it will boot fine once or twice and then will say there is no HDD installed and then wont boot at all!
    Though it could also be the motherboard on it's way out too as it's done it's fair share of sparking and smoldering while plugging in or removing USB cables!!
    I'm having the same problem, did you ever find a fix?


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    Quote Originally Posted by cobase View Post
    Ok, so figuring out which pin on the motherboard is the right one is easy. Both pins are small resistances to ground (one is 6 Ohm, the other 9 Ohm), but only one (call it "signal") boots the computer when its shorted to chassis. The other does nothing, so call it "ground." Fine, good.

    Now, on the M2-ATX, the connector on the cable is asymmetric: the bottom J8 pin goes to RED, the top pin to BLACK. Otherwise the pins are identical: Both are 3 Ohms to ground in forward bias and Open to ground in reverse (e.g. a diode), and Open to each other in both directions. So I assume the top J8 pin (RED wire) goes to the signal pin on the motherboard, and the other J8 pin (bottom, black wire) goes to the ground pin on the motherboard. I think only this way makes sense though I'd like some confirmation from mini-box or someone else who knows more than I do.

    I mean I could hook the thing up, turn on the 12V to the ACC signal and watch what the M2-ATX J8 pins do with a voltmeter... but that's such a pain to set up I guess I'll do it anyway just to be dead-certian.
    So from that quote above....
    J8 is dependent on the way its connected? that does not make sense at all if all J8 does is a switch event when power is applied to the M2 and another switch event when power is removed( ignition event). it shouldnt be that way or else they should of mentioned that in the manual.

    if you look at a switch in its simplest form, all its doing is bridging a gap between two wires...if the switch is turned the other way..same thing until the switch makes contact for the two wires...

    i have to go to my pc and check how my m2 is connected...
    i connected my connector to J8 with no thinking of which way it should be connected because like I said..all its suppose to do is bridge a gap to give the signal for the MB to turn on...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cobase View Post
    No, this wasn't a delicate short, this was a 6" long blade of metal pushed and slid against the surface of the board, shorting many components along its path. Kind of like saying I accidentally dropped a sledgehammer on it. My bad.
    Don't feel too bad, that's how I killed my M1. Oh well, lesson learned - do not put the carPC back together while connected to the battery. I ended up getting an M2-ATX and upgrading the motherboard so I have that going for me at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cobase View Post
    Uh... yes, for a few glorious minutes before I put the case cover on wrong and shorted out the M2-ATX, fried it and killed the motherboard.
    Ah, the smell of fried circuitry in the morning.
    Second M2-ATX on its way.... ou$h.
    what was your solution? My board powers up and runs fine but always does a hard shutdown instead of going into hibernate. I've tried everything and quadruple checked my connections.
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