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Thread: M2-ATX Blows fuse on switched 12V line

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    M2-ATX Blows fuse on switched 12V line

    Tried searching, but I haven't found anyone with a similar problem.

    Recently I have had a strange problem with my M2-ATX. The fuse in the switched 12V line will blow at random times. The switched line on the M2 should pull very little power, correct? Do you think I have a bad PS?

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    sounds like a wire is shorting out. could even be the mobo shorting out. best idea is to check all the wiring with a multimeter and give the wiring a shake at the same time.
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    It should pull very little power. It could be possible that the switched line is shorting somewhere. You could check that the wire insulation is not damaged or pinched.

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