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Thread: m2-atx only working in dumb mode

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    m2-atx only working in dumb mode

    ok i have a question and i hope someone has an idea I have been using my m2 in dumb mode for about the last month while i worked on getting everything software wise the way i wanted it now it has started acting odd it takes 2 quick pulses on dumb mode of the 12v line to get the m2 to trigger the MB if I placew the jumber on the P1 setting and turn on the ign line nothing happens at all.

    I am at a los and any ideas would be great.


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    Sorry for taking really old post... But i have the same problem ;/

    M2-ATX is working only when pins are taken off... When I put pin into Mode A (5sec/45sec) LED on motherboard is off and MB is not working...

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