I'm just getting ready to connect all the parts of my first car PC build and I would appreciate a few pointers/suggestions. I purchased (from MP3 Car) a Morex 5677 case with their optional quick connect plug and an M2 ATX PS. My mobo/processor requires the aux P4 connector. I figure I need to connect the P4 plug on the M2 (pic: Mobo/PS #2) to the P4 on my mobo (pic: Mobo/PS #3), however it looks like the 12V power out on the case (pic: case # 1) draws from the P4 connection on the M2. Should I just buy a molex to P4 converter and connect it to the mobo so I can use the external 12V from the case? Does anyone have any better ideas/pointers/suggestions?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks, Jeff