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Thread: M4-ATX tools for Linux

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    M4-ATX tools for Linux

    Here's m4api, a tool for monitoring and configuring your M4-ATX PSU from Linux, Mac or *BSD. It exposes the six main diagnostic fields from the official program and all 47 configuration variables of the OEM configuration app. It uses libusb 0.1.

    Download at:

    # Monitor input and output voltage levels:
    $ ./m4 -diag loop
    -- 1262486581
    VIN:	11.34
    IGN:	11.23
    33V:	3.33
    5V:	5.06
    12V:	12.18
    TEMP:	+28
    -- 1262486582
    VIN:	11.34
    IGN:	11.34
    # Display your PSU's configuration:
    $ ./m4 -config
    IGN_HIGH:	5.84 V
    IGN_LOW:	5.50 V
    IGN_DBC:	500 ms
    PSU_DELAY:	1 sec
    # Check or update specific variables:
    $ ./m4 -config VIN_MIN_ON  
    9.55 V
    $ ./m4 -config VIN_MIN_ON 10.0
    $ ./m4 -config VIN_MIN_ON
    9.99 V

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    This is really cool! I don't have an m4, but an nGhost plugin would be great. I wonder how close the API is for the m4 and the dc-dc PSU that minibox has...
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    The code has been updated to use libusb (0.1) instead of hiddev, so it can now be run on Mac, *BSD and Windows (though Windows usage will probably take some changes).

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