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Thread: M2-ATX and Laptop Power Brick

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    M2-ATX and Laptop Power Brick

    I just ordered my first carputer. It's on the way but I was thinking about the best way to power it outside of the car. The battery is already out of the car because it doesn't get driven during the winter so I could always just haul that thing into the house and use some cable. But I also purchased a M1/2/3-ATX Power Supply Adapter to go with my M2-ATX, my question is would I be able to use the power brick for my laptop? It puts out 90 watts max, i figure that should be enough, but it outputs 19.0V, would this be a problem? Thanks for any help!

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    No, you can't use the laptop power adapter.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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